“White Collar” Crimes

Ellex Klavins experts have vast experience in matters concerning economic and financial crimes, online fraud and corruption (“white collar crimes”) defending, representing and providing legal assistance to both international and local companies. The experience accrued and selection of tailormade targeted tactics help to successfully make use of the expertise of our team of professionals before Latvian law enforcement agencies and supervisory authorities, prosecutor’s offices, courts, as well as international law enforcement agencies.
Ellex Klavins provides assistance to clients on a wide range of matters, especially focusing on recovery of embezzled funds and investigation of allegedly unlawful actions of the company’s employees or management. The application of coercive measures against legal entities and companies is rapidly gaining momentum, and we have also acquired unique experience in these matters which are the first of their kind.

Key contacts

Andris Lazdiņš

Senior Associate

Dispute Resolution and Employment