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Our attitude towards this sector is distinguished by deep specialization in matters of life science. Ellex Klavins helps build and protect healthcare and life sciences companies through our extensive background in regulatory, intellectual property, licensing, litigation, products liability, unfair competition, antitrust, merger and acquisition, and other matters. Our comprehensive legal services are complemented by close collaboration with other professionals, within and outside the firm, in order to provide our clients with well-rounded and commercially focused service.
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Ellex Klavins successfully represented Sicor Biotech in a case concerning the rights to a medical product
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Key projects in the field

We advise Takeda Pharmaceuticals on employment issues associated with a complex global reorganisation project
Ellex Klavins advises Takeda Pharmaceuticals on employment issues associated with a complex global reorganisation after acquisition of Shire Plc., as well as longstanding and regular day-to day advice.
The daily assistance includes advice on different employment law issues, including amendments to employment contracts, explanations on legal framework governing vacations, the latest amendments to the Labour Act and other related legislative acts.
The client is advised by associate partner Irina Kostina.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals is the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia and one of the top 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world by revenue.
Ellex Klavins successfully represented Sicor Biotech in a case concerning the rights to a medical product
Riga Regional Court on 14 September 2015 dismissed the appeal application by Hoffmann-La Roche in its entirety. The relevant appeal concerned the first instance court’s judgment of 19 February 2015, where the first instance court dismissed the initial Hoffmann-La Roche claim against Sicor Biotech, a Teva Pharmaceutical Industries company, regarding violation of Hoffmann-La Roche exclusive rights to medical product capacitabine in Latvia arising out of its registered supplementary protection certificate (‘SPC’), and satisfied Sicor Biotech’s counter-claim seeking invalidation of the relevant SPC due to non-compliance with the EU Regulation No.469/2009.
The dispute essentially concerns interpretation of EU Regulation No.469/2009 (‘SPC Regulation’), namely, whether transitional provisions concerning the accession of the new Member States in May 2004, including Latvia, are to be interpreted in a way that SPCs granted by the relevant new Member States before accession to EU under domestic laws are subject to the requirements under the SPC Regulation so that the term of such pre-accession SPCs must be recalculated not to exceed 15 years from the moment when the first marketing authorization for the relevant drug was issued anywhere within the EEA. The first instance court and the appeal court ruled that indeed such recalculation of the SPC validity term is warranted and invalidated the SPC owned by Hoffmann-La Roche for the time period after 10 June 2013.
Martins Gailis and Irina Kostina represented Sicor Biotech in this case.
Our team represented Laboratorios Normon As in a trademark dispute
The case involved a trademark dispute between two pharmaceutical companies, involving serveral EU countries. Our team represented Laboratorios Normon AS as a defendant in a case brought by a Hungarian company, which owns a Nogron trademark for pharmaceutical products. The Hungarian company sought invalidation of our client’s trademark for Normon in Latvia, also registrered for pharmaceutical products.