Head of Real Estate Practice
Ivars Pommers has been leading the Real Estate practice of Ellex in Latvia since the merger of Ellex and Glimstedt & Partners in Latvia on February 2017. Ivars has a wealth of experience in all aspects of real estate, construction, and environment law. Before the merger he led the real estate and construction practice at Glimstedt & Partners in Latvia. For more than 15 years, Ivars has been consulting foreign investors and Latvian companies in significant business areas. Ivars has also led complex acquisition and restructuring transactions. He is also experienced in restructuring and real estate transactions with a special focus on tax-structuring aspects. Ivars regularly consults clients on tax issues related to their transactions and assists with effective structuring for both corporate income tax and VAT purposes.
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Ivars Pommers
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Ellex Klavins advised Eastnine to acquire land plot in central Riga
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